Friday, 27 January 2012

List down and check ♥

Tadaaaa...I'm back! hehehe
Ok lets continue...
Done with picking a theme! So now it's time to do the checklist thing.
Actually checklist ni terpulang kepada what we need for the event, so lain orang lain la checklistnya kan. And for me, i've been dividing my checklist into 3 categories. 

1st - Checklist hantaran.
Memandangkan time bertunang hari tu tiada hantaran, so hantaran ini disertakan waktu majlis akad nikah nanti. And  yup, i've to brainstorm apa mau bagi sebagai hantaran and make a list. Fuhh, pening juga mau cukupkan bilangan tu..hihi and finally done! =)

2nd - Checklist keperluan majlis
Majlis nanti terbahagi kepada 4..majlis khatam al-Quran, majlis akad nikah, majlis malam berinai and majlis persandingan.
So untuk memastikan tiada yang tercicir, i listed down one by one apa yg diperlukan mengikut setiap majlis...and done! =)

3rd - Checklist booked
Yang ketiga ni, it's more to all the booking-booking things. hehehe
Contohnya make up, busana, pelamin, photographer, etc.
I need the checklist for these things to make sure that all of them has been booked or belum booked, then how much deposit sudah bayar, and how much left i need to pay. and done! =)

Having a checklist will help a lot guys! Seriously!
May some of these sharing might help all of the bride to be out there.
So that's it for now! More things to do..=)

p/s : Today I've turn into 25! Happy Birthday to me...hihihi
Thank you Allah!

The Birthday Girl,

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