Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cakkk!! I'm Back!!

Yayyy I'm Backkkkkkk!!!
I'm back people, i'm back!!!! 
(ok, sounds a bit annoying di situ...perasan ada orang menanti kemunculan hamba kembali berblog. muahaha)
Well well well..yes, feels good to be back writing and sharing every bit of my life with you guys..:)
After almost a year, i guess..let see, my last post was on last Ramadhan and now i'm back on Ramadhan it's been a year, right? Boleh lah bahh..kira kampung2..hehehe
As u can see, i'm back with this new cute calming theme of my blog. Comey tak comey tak? And the title...ehem..The Wedding Girl turn out to be the Little Wifey now. hehehe

And to my dearest silent listeners, i'm soooooo sorry for stop posting any story due to the changing of my lifestyle. I dah kawen's totally a two different world guys..but its a better one, ofcourse..alhamdulillah :)
And untuk makluman semua, the reason why i'm back is...niiii naaaaa jiran i sebelah ni, bikin jangkit2 tu blog fever..and now here i am, blogging again...terus kami dua mcm teda kerja, duduk menghadap blog saja, habis la kalau boss tau ni...hahahaha

Si Endut hahaha
So stay tune for my next post pepollllll!! Will share lotsa lotsa lotsa loveee.
Don't worry...inshaAllah kalau rajin, will share the journey of my life sepanjang setahun menghilang...including my wedding day honeystar trip story (honeystar pun boleyyy ;p) and lots more.
Thats it for now guys! See yaaaa!! XOXO

Little Wifey,