Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm Back!

Hi dear blog, i'm back!!!
How have you been?
Woww look at you!
O em jiiiii..YOU ARE NEW dear bloggy!
More cheerful, more colourful, more.....more apa lagi....more chipsmore, mandy moore....more apa-apa saja lah.
Ini kali la...bukan buat renovation lagi, tapi buat baru terusssss. 
Leaving the old blog behind, no more nightmares to be remember. 
It's now time for 'Love the life you live and live the life you love'..=)
It's has been really long since my last update. Seems like my life been so busy lately as i'm entering the future now. Phewww..entering the future ahh...sort of...ehehe Bunyinya macam banyak cerita untuk dikongsikongsini, kan? yup! Will do share it with you guys, no worries, just stay tune..
As intro..
My blog is my diary.
A place where i would like to share a bit of the wonderful journey of my life.
And to all of you my dear silent listeners....Welcome. =)

Yours truly,

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